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Paisley and Parsley's quarried stone coasters and magnets, along with greeting cards and microfibre tea towels are decorated with images and have a protective cork backing. We especially recommend the Polka Spots collection, with enough funny sayings to get all of your customers laughing! The top 30 coaster designs can be seen below, and are a consistent reorder for nearly every store that carries them.

"Paisley & Parsley has been one of those "instant success" items in our gift shop.  From minute one, they've flown off the shelves.  Our customers can't resist reading through the variety of sayings and deciphering which coaster best expresses themselves, a sister, a friend, or a spouse. It's a laugh out loud riot that is hard to stop once it gets started.  Needless to say, most customers end up with a vast collection at the checkout counter! We love the element of fun & humor that this brand has added to our store."

- Rebecca of Truro Vineyards in Truro MA, a regularly reordering customer since spring 2015. ​

Minimum Order: $250.  Opening order special $360.00, 3 each of the top 30 polka spot designs receives $50 in free product.