rareESSENCE Aromatherapy/100% pure essential oils:
Show Special: FREE FREIGHT ON $500.00 orders (must ship to one location in the continental US)
Recommended Opening Order: One free electronic diffuser with a 2+tier essential oil display filled with 2 cases/6 oils

Maggie Stern Stitches

Harvest Label
Show Special: 10% off over $500.
Recommended Opening Order: Rolltop Backpack 2.0, Tourer Backpack Cordura, Urban Sling Pack, Sling Pack Ballistic

Smarty Pits
Show Special: free shipping on all orders over $300.
Suggested Opening Order for SmartGirl Kits:
Kit Bundle B (KT-02-02): 3 of each SKU (12 kits total). Total: $159.60 (save 5% by bundling them together!)

Suggested Opening Order for Deodorant:
Package G (DE-11-07): 3 each of all 9 scents in both formulas (54 deodorants total) Total: $287.40

Show Special: 5% off orders over $500 with immediate ship date

Heart the Moment
Show Special: FREE shipping on a Heart the Moment Starter Pack at NYNOW.
Buy any six 6-packs and receive a free display and free shipping. ($120.00 total order)

Show Special: 10% off opening orders.

1. Boutique Opening Order Case (BOOC)
13 craft kits plus a display for $275 or 12 Black Kits plus a cardboard Display for $325

2. Museum Opening Order Case (MOOC)
16 craft kits plus a Plexiglass display for $375 or 14 Black Kits plus a Plexiglass display for $425

Flower Pot Tea
Show Special: 10% discount on all opening orders above $200

Mama’s Little Babies
Show Special: Reduced opening order of $175; free piece of jewelry priced $24.50 or less for orders over $350.

Paisley & Parsley
Show Special: 3 each top 30,  $360 receive a free 18 pc table top display and $50 in free coasters at retail
5% off for orders over $500
10% off orders over $1000

Vintage Dictionary Art
Show Special: $350 for 25 skus, 4 of each with 25 pocket spinner

Urban Green Makers
Show Special: Starter pack includes free shipping and testers.
½ off shipping on orders over $500.
Free testers on any order above $300.

Funnybone Toys
Summer stock up sale!
Spectrix-Array-CUBU $5
Spectracube $9
Disruptus $10
Juxtabo $12.50
Spirot $5

Mélange Perfume
Solid Perfume Blending Palette: Receive 3 complimentary palettes with 15 piece opening order.
Solid Perfume Singles: Receive 3 complimentary limited edition perfumes with 15 piece opening order.
Roll-On Perfumes: Receive 3 complimentary perfumes & tester with 18 piece opening order.
Luxe Body Creme: 2 complimentary with 15 piece opening order or reorder.

Ozone Socks
Show Special: Free freight on orders $500+

Periodically Inspired
Show Special: Buy 12 of any one item and receive a 13th free.