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Tops Malibu

Made in the USA

Add surprise to life and its celebration with Tops Malibu! This line truly creates magic in your store.  Bright, vibrant displays elevate other product offerings and set a wimsical mood for your customers.  The gift of Tops Malibu is in the moments each and every item in the line creates.  The perfect dinner party, graduation, birthday / any occasion unfolds as invitees experience sparkling candles, surprise balls, tiaras, party horns, flying fortunes etc.

Favorites and top sellers include; Sparklers in the shapes of numbers & letters, Surprize Balls that unwind to reveal delightful vintage keepsakes, Conversation Games to inspire connection, Wish Capsules to hide a secret or keep a promise, and more.


Minimum Order: $250. Please note that all products have minimum order quantities.