Customize your spirit with Warm Human's unique mix and match line of wearable aromatherapy perfume solids.

This line is about authentic empowerment, and writing your own story in life. It's here to be a tool of transformation if it resonates with you.

We've designed it in a way that gives you the ability to customize your spirit EXACTLY as you desire. We've taken all of your favorite single scent essential oils and put them into a skin + hair safe base so you can create the blend directly on yourself. 

We've carefully sourced our oils from farmers who practice transparency and ethical standards. We have chosen to use only the BEST quality oils, so that people could experience the most powerful effects. We have put a tremendous amount of thought into which carrier oils and ingredients would be healthy, nurture the skin and help carry the essential oils down into body effectively. 

Our packaging focuses on the primary emotional benefits each oil could possibly produce. Our recyclable packaging is vibrant, playful, and contemporary. The idea behind our line is about putting you in the drivers seat of your own life. You choosing how you want to live, feel, and discovering the tools that work for you to reach your dreams.

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